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Vision and Mission

Property Consultancy is a Malawian owned company


Property Consultancy is a consultancy firm providing planning advice and project management within the construction industry. The company was established in 2007 and has offices in Lilongwe, Malawi. We can assist with the planning, programming and monitoring of all residential and business construction.
The professional expertise we offer covers new construction, redevelopment, we are currently involved in projects as diverse as custom-made homes, garden flats, town-houses, private lodges, hotels and residential schemes in the provinces. As with all projects there is a carefully defined set of activities that utilise such resources (money, people, materials, energy, space, provisions, communication, motivation, etc.) to achieve the final project goals and objectives.
At Property Consultancy we concentrate and enhance the importance and criticality of open communication between all participating parties to achieve a desired.
We combine our Project Management with our years of experience in the planning industry, highlighting the requirement to provide detailed and constructive programming to enhance the management of our projects. projects on a short or long-term basis. Relocations and Contract administration of the country and Africa at large conclusion, the ultimate success of the project as a whole.
Our Vision & Mission
To be a world class custom-made construction company.
To provide internationally recognised construction services in Africa and beyond by fostering learning and ensuring client satisfaction.




Open Communication

Long life learning

The following are the values of Property Consultancy in the pursuit of our vision and mission. These values form the core of our work. As such we strive to uphold these values and to work with individuals and clients that seek to uphold them. Property Consultancy values integrity as the consistency between what we say, do and believe in all situations. Property Consultancy values placing energy where it will make the most difference. By freely expressing ourselves without fear to achieve the desired outcome.
Property Consultancy values long life learning in our everyday life by asking questions of ourselves and others to promote our ongoing development.
The compact, resourceful and well-organised Property Consultancy team have a combined construction experience in excess of 20 years. The company has been involved in projects ranging in size from $150k to $3 million. The wide variety of work has covered residential, leisure, and garden flats. Work has taken members of the team to Europe, the Far East and the USA. Closer to home, we are active with projects in Malawi and expanding in the SADC region.
The preparation and development of good programmes lies at the heart of all well managed projects. We ensure that all our programmes are detailed and comprehensive as well as being logic linked. The careful use of Work Breakdown
Structure coding information enables extracts to be made that cover trade, sections and phasing aspects of the core programmes. The addition of cost, equipment needs and labour resources will provide a further level of management
Preparation of initial scheme feasibility programmes Management and monitoring of design teams Comprehensive Programming & Rescheduling information. networks or presentation quality Gantt Charts.
The reproduction of hand-drawn bar charts into fully logic linked critical path relative to individual project events and tasks.
Establishment of project milestones and the identification of their criticality Development Design & Procurement
The secret to an integrated programme is to combine not just the construction works but also the design process and off-site procurement. The introduction of the supply chain to the programme ensures that by reviewing progress a full picture is obtained and action can be taken on all fronts to secure a timely
Detailed interlinked programmes
Supply chain actions and milestones identified
Identification of offsite manufacturing, testing and delivery
Ability to measure and integrate off site production with construction requirement.

Critical Path Analysis

Logic Linked


‘What if’ scenario assessments
Measure and evaluate delay and disruption scenarios or options to recover time lost as the project progresses.
Property Consultancy experienced planning team can provide direct support to clients including company’s in-house staff, either on a one off project, or used strategically to overcome short term workload peaks. The service is available on a pick up/ put down basis with no minimum call off period. The size of our team ensures that the Flexibility & Cost Effectiveness Pick up and put down services, No minimum charge, Experienced Team.

Wide range of professional abilities
Project Management to expand the service into a full Project Management role, managing the design.
Using the programme and planning experience, the Property Consultancy team are able Integration of client needs Meeting and workshop management. Ensuring client requirements prioritised, Team selection, management and procurement, team contractors and client direct suppliers.
Property Consultancy has a vast experience of numerous projects provided by a number of years’ experience in the construction industry, our employees have various academic achievements and work experience across a broad range of disciplines,

Corporate CV

The company is fully registered with the following bodies: Registration of Companies Act

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